Writer’s Block Can Cripple Your Freelance Writing Business: Try These Simple Tricks to Stay On Top of Your Game

How to Bounce Back From Writer’s Block

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I am guilty of doing absolutely nothing when I don’t feel like writing and posting articles on my blog. When I begin to feel burnout, I often let my mind drift and wander to explore new adventures. To unlock my writer’s block, I try to unwind by taking long strolls to enjoy the outdoors. All that natural air and exercise helps me to relax and feel more confident about myself. Within a couple of weeks, I usually bounce back on my feet, because I truly enjoy keeping my blog audience happy and entertained. I also feel more enthusiastic to write more articles and no longer feel as if my job is a boring chore. If you’re feeling burnout right now, here’s a quick remedy that has helped me to banish that, “I don’t know what to write” dreaded feeling. During my hiatus from maintaining my blog, I discovered a few corny jokes on the web that were created for bloggers.

This joke made me laugh out loud and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

“Sometimes I run out of blogging ideas. That’s when I go to the fabric store and find new material.”

I told you it was a corny joke, but I appreciate the writer, Scott Yates for sharing these jokes with his readers because he made me laugh.

Here’s another one that I think is funny and just as corny as the previous one.

The baker who made donuts decided to close down his blog after he got sick of the hole thing.

By now, I guess you probably realize why I decided to write this article about feeling unmotivated to post articles on my blog. Getting over that burnout feeling took a little while for me to survive, yet shockingly, I found a few ways to keep myself engaged, while my body was recouping from weariness. I figured out how to fuel my mind and imagination with simple pleasures. I knew slacking off wasn’t helping my freelance writing business to make money online.

Check out this short video explaining more ways that you can instantly cure writer’s block when you don’t want to write.

And, I immediately acknowledged that I needed to do something fast to pull myself out of a non-productive slump. So, I took mid-morning strolls around my neighborhoood. Which made me feel as if I was on an adventure. I happily roamed around my neighborhood feeling like a mischievous adolescent, who was rebeling about their responsibilities. Several hours later, I would return home and flop down on my sofa feeling tired and worn out. Each night, I enthusiastically settled in and transformed into an unattractive couch-potato with an enormous tub of buttered popcorn at my disposal.

Then, I would watch comedy movies one after another until I fell asleep. Gradually, my inner-spirit began to improve and so did my outlook on life. Let me tell you, it ain’t easy being a writer that can constantly crank out intriguing articles day after day. But, I’m always grateful if I can make my audience laugh at my wise cracking jokes. Putting a grin on someone’s face helps me to feel better knowing that I have achieved my goal. I also believe guilty pleasures are good for your inner-soul. Especially when you need a break from writing to socialize with friends and family. Generally speaking, writers are curious individuals, who enjoy sharing fascinating stories with others and reconnecting with the world.

Remember, your new experiences regardless how irrelevant they may appear from the outset, can blossom into mesmerizing and spellbinding stories that people will enjoy reading over and over again. All things considered, when you begin to feel as if you can’t fill a letter-size page with your own words, take a long deserved break to appreciate nature and your surroundings. Do whatever you’ve been itching to do for the longest time, yet couldn’t on the grounds that you had due dates and other commitments that needed your immediate attention. Simply, allow your mind to rest, relax, and recuperate from your everyday routines like working long periods of time to finish your work.


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