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During my adolescence years, I loved to spend hours reading fiction novels every chance I could get. Especially, when I needed a mental break from studying my classroom textbooks. While I was reading an interesting novel, I secretly wanted to become a writer too. But, I didn’t know how to pursue a career as a writer. Besides, I thought writing books for a living was an exclusive profession for highly evolved intellectuals.

Nonetheless, I love storytelling and I am learning how to attract international attention to my ebooks. However, before I dive in with some good advice, I thought I want to share a short story with you about how I seriously became interested in writing. I also think it’s worth mentioning that my mother enjoyed reading fiction novels and I guess, it was a good habit that my siblings and I adopted from her.

Mom was a real crack up when she discovered a fiction novel that captured her attention. On more than one occasion, my mom would scurry around our home doing household chores. When she needed help, she would impatiently tell us to do this and that. Sometimes, mom would say, “Hurry up, I want to get back to reading this [juicy] book!” My mom loved to play with us, and we would fall out laughing at her comic behavior. We always caved in to her demands after seeing the playful annoyed expression on her face. When we stopped hysterically laughing at her, we diligently snapped to attention like little toy soldiers. And we obediently kept up a frantic pace, while working on our assigned household chores.

I Will Always Cherish My Mother’s Jovial Spirit and Disposition

Gosh, those were the good old days that I remember so well about my mom. My family shared a lot of good laughs together, and I will always cherish my mother’s jovial spirit and disposition. She managed to put a smile on our sad faces during some very difficult times in our lives. I recall during some very harsh, wintery months, a city-wide shut down went into effect. My family stayed indoors wrapped up in blankets to stay warm. During the daytime, we lazily wandered around our home and eventually, gathered together around the kitchen table. My siblings and I enjoyed talking about the fiction novels that we were currently reading.

We often borrowed each other’s novels to read and past the time away. My siblings and I were quite unaware that my family had started a book club together. There were days when our minds were a million miles away from what was happening in our small community. Including, what was happening around the world. We continued to read one book after another, and rarely bothered to turn on our television to watch the news. We were lost in our exciting imaginary worlds. Warm and cozy places to visit and forget about reality. A lot more fun than listening to something awful happening to people in our hometown and across the globe.

Several years later, I decided to change careers because I was fed up with feeling like someone’s doormat working in an office. I wanted to be my own boss and use my office skills creatively. Since I enjoy reading and writing, I started out writing articles for the Web to earn money. Then, something pretty amazing happened to me. I got hooked on blogging and writing eBooks to earn a living. Today, I feel much more confident about pursuing my dreams of creating a bestselling novel and becoming a famous writer. However, it took me a while to muster up the courage to contact a literary agent about my writing material because I was fixated on self-publishing my own eBooks. But, I started to wonder what if a well-known publishing company thought my stories were captivating, and a good investment for them because they like what I had to say.

So, I shrugged off my fears and went to work writing a manuscript that I wanted to pitch to a literary agent. You can’t imagine how excited I am feeling right now, hoping that my manuscript doesn’t wind up in a publishing editor’s slush pile. I write because I enjoy storytelling and it’s something that I often did when I was younger to keep my siblings entertained. I used my imagination to tell fictional stories with happy endings. Unlike, living in our real world, filled with everyday challenges, uncertainty, and disappointments. Storytelling just seem natural to me, and the worlds that I imagined were exciting places to visit.

I often chuckle when I think about growing up with my siblings, and how excited they became when I was dreaming up a fictional story. Sometimes, when I grew weary from storytelling, I would abruptly say, “The End.” Afterwards, my siblings appeared to be shocked and disappointed. Then, they would angrily shout, “You can do better than that!” and begged me to tell them more. Now, that I am the author of several self-published ebooks, I am working full-time towards becoming a famous writer. My U.S. ebooks sales are coming along okay, but there’s a vast amount of talented authors on the U.S. market that are competing with each other for popularity and dominance in the world of publishing. 

However, I am determined to write a bestselling novel, no matter how long it may take me to achieve. I know my ebooks sales could possibly increase if I tapped into an international market. Since my ebooks are written in English, I had to do some research to find out how to have my manuscripts translated into various foreign languages. Here’s a run down on some translation services that have good reputations. Babelcube, Today Translations, Translators Base, First Edition Translation, and Mincor Book Translation are good companies that you might want to check out to have your books translated into another language. You can read more on how to get your book translated from here.


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