5 Important Ways to Earn More Money From Clients That Are Searching For Talented Freelance Writers

How to Keep Clients Knocking on Your Door with the Best Writing Job Opportunities

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Want to earn more money, fast?

Are you wondering how talented freelance writers are attracting more clients that want to do business with them exclusively? No worries. I will tell you exactly how you can earn more money from clients that you are already doing business with and potential clients too. Remember, it’s up to you to learn how to keep your clients knocking on your door with the best writing job opportunities.

In this post, I’ve decided to put together a list of 5 impressive ways to earn more money from clients that are searching for talented freelance writers. However, before you wander off and plunge into another writing assignment, make certain your calendar is clear and any articles that you are currently working on, finish what you are doing. You will need to set aside a few hours every day to promote yourself to clients, who are willing to pay you top dollar for your freelance writing assignments.

Which means, your content must be unigue, engaging, entertaining, and helpful to your audience to get more job offers from your clients.. There are several ways you can earn money online and outshine other freelance writers work. You just have to make yourself more visible to existing and potential clients. Use your spare time to decide how much money you want to make per year as a freelance writer. Next, write down how much money you need to earn each month to cover your month-to-month living expenses. Then, estimate how much extra cash you need to save every month for a luxury vacation, a brand new car, or just about anything that your heart desire. You will almost certainly achieve your long-range goals working as an freelancer writer, if you concentrate on getting paid every month from your clients.

5 Important Way To Earn More Money

#1 – If you haven’t revised your offline/online writer resume in a while, now is a good time to make certain that you have included the most recent information about any material that you’ve composed for your clients. It’s also important to include your blog or website URL address on your resume too. Make it easier for potential clients to discover you and view your work online. If you’re starting out as an independent freelance writer, here’s a few examples of resumes that were designed for writers that you could use for your own resume. Also, create a blog if you already don’t have one to showcase several articles that you have written within the past 3 to 6 months. Be sure to post at least 10 elegantly composed articles on your blog about a trending niche topic.

Remember to incorporate your very own feeling about the topics that you post on your blog. Be sure to add testimonials to your content from people that you have interviewed. To help you get started, ask your friends and family to share their opinions about the topics that you are planning to write about.

#2 – Clients are always on the look out for engaging content that can help them weed through old and outdated content that’s been revamped over and over again. Go that extra mile and put some effort into the articles that you post online. Your articles should always impress someone that is interested in your work. Learn as much as you can about writing content for the Internet by improving your SEO skills. Keep in mind, your goal is to attract as many readers to your blog or personal website as you can. Think as if.you are running a large company that publishes thounsands of articles online every day. Then, imagine what you can do to attract thousands of curious readers to your blog or personal website.

#3 – Network with people on Linkedin, Aileensoul, and Facebook instead of joining job boards like Upwork or Freelancer to find clients. Typically, online job boards like these, are notorious for underpaying writers for their work. However, some writers are stating that they are making good money from their online jobs working with clients that uses job boards. While you’re waiting around to be discovered by a potential client, do some leg work on your own. Start cold-caling and emailing businesses that have a good reputation for hiring freelance writers. You might luck out on a job offer from a client that is in a pinch or haven’t had the time to advertise an opening for a freelance writer position. Give potential clients a solid good reason why they should hire you to write for them, instead of searching for someone else.

Tip: Make yourself available 24/7 by using a live answering service to take your calls after hours. Your clients will appreciate knowing that they can reach you at all times.

I also included this informative YouTube video for beginners. You will learn how to become a freelance writer even if you don’t have a lot of experience.

#4 – Pick up the latest copy of Writer’s Market by Robert Lee Brewer from your local library. Right now, you can purchase the paperback book from Amazon for $20.39 or a used copy for only $14.95. The book explains how you can make money on the side by submitting your work to publishers, magazines, newspapers, literary agents, screenwriting and playwriting markets. Make certain that you pay close attention to the submission guidelines for each company that you may want to do business with. Otherwise, your submissions will be rejected and tossed into a slush pile before anyone reads your material.

#5 – Create a digital book and give it away free on your blog. Use MyBookCave.com to help you spread-the-word about your digital book. This is a great promotional strategy that will help you draw in a ton of new traffic from book readers. Be sure to include details about your digital book on your resume as well. Potential clients that are truly considering employing you to write for them, will remember your work while they are reviewing your resume and the material that you’ve written. This attention grabbing strategy could enable you to get your foot in the right doors of companies that you always wanted to work with. So, create an interesting digital book about a trending niche topic that contains a lot of useful information for your readers.

Additionally, be sure to pitch to your existing clients by adding more value to your freelance work. Learn new skills and don’t be shy about the types of services you can provide. Create a package introducing your new skills to your existing clients. One good example is producing a list of SEO keyword searches you are willing to perform at various price points. Another example to consider is promoting a flash sale about your freelance writing services. This is an excellent way to earn money faster from your existing clients by offering them a time-limited discount promotion.


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