How to Use Canva to Create Visual Content for Instagram and Pinterest to Help Explode Your Blog Traffic

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The other day, I noticed a slight change in the amount of blog traffic that I usually receive on a daily basis. The drop in visitors to my blog caused me to feel concerned. So, I decided to write more interesting how-to articles as a way to drive new targeted traffic to my site. But, before I got started on my new writing projects, I used Google search engine to help me find more up_to-date information about how to get more views on your blog. My Kindle Unlimited membership came in handy, because I was able to conveniently download and read various types of books on how to increase organic search traffic. Kindle Unlimited is a new service that allows you to read as much as you want, and enjoy choosing from over 1 million titles and thousands of audiobooks too.

FYI: For only $9.99 a month, members can read how to increase organic search traffic and listen to audiobooks on any handheld wireless device. You can also cancel your membership anytime. If you love to read books, I recommend trying Kindle Unlimited for 30-days free.

With that said, I suddenly realized that it would take several weeks for my blog to start receiving a significant amount of traffic. At that point, I knew it was time to ask for help. I headed over to to outsource the task to a professional website promoter. Yes, I know you’re probably gasping for air, and shuttering over the thought of paying someone to do a job that you can do yourself. Well, even though I may have the knowledge to do this and that to maintain a blog, I simply don’t have the time to do it all. Take my advice and don’t set yourself up for failure by spending long hours on time-consuming tasks. There is no shame in outsourcing your work to a professional that can help your business grow.

Several years ago, I started blogging because I enjoy writing and sharing my knowledge with others. I also need to stay focused on my writing skills and not become distracted by other tasks to maintain my blog. However, when I do need a break from writing, I diversify my blogging tasks by creating visual content for my Instagram and Pinterest social media accounts. Now, take a moment to look over your blog or website to determine which tasks you would enjoy doing more often to help maintain your site. Then, outsource any tasks that are preventing you from achieving your goals in a timely manner.

Moving forward, I want you tell you about Canva and how I use the user-friendly website to create beautiful and attractive visual content for my social media accounts. Check out the YouTube video below to become familiar with how to use Canva’s website to help you promote your business. I enjoy spending hours using Canva to create advertisements, posters, and banners to earn money through my blogging business. Today, millions of people are using Instagram and Pinterest to attract Internet users to their online businesses. And, the more you post on social media networks, the more people will get to know you and what your business does.

Instagram and Pinterest has helped name-brand businesses, celebrities, and influencers reach consumers much faster than visitors coming to their websites. This means you can use your social media accounts to promote your services and products just like the big wigs do. Since I am also interested in affiliate marketing, I often use my social media accounts to tell my audience, I am here to help them and where they can find services and products that they may need. Today, I think affiliate marketing is an exciting business to become involved in. It took me a while to learn how easy it is to make money as an affiliate marketer and I work diligently every day to attract new visitors to my blog.

In the near future, I plan to keep you informed about the various methods that I am using to drive targeted traffic to my blog. I hope my information is helpful to anyone that is struggling to explode their blog traffic too. If you like this article, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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