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Every now and again, you might ask yourself, “What’s is the mystery behind businesses that are successful online? Well, if you’re unfamiliar with web content marketing, then you’re losing out on a lot of important information. Futhermore, you’ve probably heard this a million times, but I’ll state it again. “Well-written content that is optimized for the Internet can help you drive massive amounts of daily traffic to your website.”

It sounds like an easy task to do, right? However, there’s a lot of work involved that someone has to do, and this is how a freelance web content writer makes money. A web content writer’s job is to increase a website’s visibility to Internet users and potential customers. When I decided to change my profession and pursue a freelance writing career, I didn’t know much about writing and marketing content on the Internet. Even so, I desperately wanted out of the 9 to 5 rat race and making someone else rich (Fortune 500 companies) was literally killing me. By the time I reached my mid-thirties, I was exhausted from working in an office environment. I felt burnt out, due to my dead-end job work responsibilities that no longer appealed to me. When I worked in an office enviroment, I was never offered a glamorous job position with perks that allowed me to travel, attend off-site meetings, or work from home when I didn’t feel like going into the office.

One day, I informed my family that I was considering writing and publishing articles on the Internet. My family was genuinely fascinated and also encouraged me to pursue a freelance writing career. So I did, and here I am today, (smirk) sharing my stories with you. But seriously, I got started as a web content writer after I was laid off from work and stone cold broke. But, not only that, I didn’t have the foggiest idea how to write Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content for the Internet. As well as, how to develop a content marketing strategy that will drive targeted traffic to a website.

In spite of this, my computer science and programming education helped me to better understand what was happening on the back-end of a computer program. I had some knowledge on how to troubleshoot computer programs that were causing all sorts of technical problems. This is how I became interested in web development, and writing content for the Internet. My interest in web development helped me to learn how to create web pages using Html, CSS, Javascript and several other programming languages. Naturally, my technical skills opened up a lot doors for me as an independent web designer.

However, I had to teach myself how to write content for the Internet. Today, I truly believe, I made the right decision to learn SEO website content writing for the Internet, because web content writers are in demand. They can help companies reach their targeted audiences and turn Internet users into paying customers. Salaries for web content writers usually range from $17 to $25 per hour. Take a look at several companies that are advertising jobs for web content writers and what they are paying per year. So, let’s talk further about what a web content writer does to improve content creation and drive massive amounts of traffic their websites.

A freelance web content writer does things like create content for blog posts, social media posts, scripts for videos, and podcasts. Including, any website copy that conveys some type of brand message that targets their audience. Not at all like a journalist who composes news stories, for a newspaper or a website. A web content writer’s job is far more strategic than that. As well as, more creative to in the sense that they actually create, you know, those blogs that you really love those social media posts you really connect with. And those email nurture sequences that get you on the hook ready to buy.

So, whether you’re interested in website content writing services, or you’re wanting to become one yourself, be prepared to edit content that already exists in a way that makes it better, more strategic and more in line with the customers pain points. This is especially important if you’re creating new content for a website. Often times, the content is there, but it just needs to be tweaked to make it better in such a way that educates, entertains and inspires the reader.

Content Creation Strategies: How To Create Content Online

I also recommend you watch this YouTube video about web content writing. Stefan James is the creator of the video and he is a self-made millionaire. Stefan explains step-by-step what you should do while you are creating content for your website. I like what Stefan had to say about using a few simple strategies that will help you make money online. Including, how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website. I think Stefan’s tutorial is very educational and could help someone like you to get started publishing content on the Internet. Also, be sure to subscribe to Stefan’s channel to learn more about his endeavors as a web content writer.

Now that you know what a professional web content writer does, go back and look over your articles and apply what you have learned from Stephan’s tutorial to help improve the quality of your content. Then, keep track of your website’s traffic statistic’s to determine if your articles are driving new visitors to your site.


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