Blogging Hacks: Do This Before You Write Your First Blog Post and Save Yourself a Lot of Time and Energy

Blogging Hacks 101 You Should Know

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It’s not hard to become a freelance writer and make a career out of blogging. Nearly 10 years ago, I began blogging and I got hooked when I started making money online from my freelance writing gigs. If you’re dreaming about a work at home lifestyle, here’s a few simple blogging hacks that I have learned and use everyday when I am writing articles. First, before you start writing an article for your blog find a quiet place to work. You will need at least 2-4 hours to concentrate on what you are writing without any interruptions. I like to listen to music while I am working. So, I usually head over to and listen to listen to Isochronic Tones. The music helps me to relax and concentrate on writing interesting blog articles for my audience. Sometimes, I burn candles, if I happen to be writing during the evening hours. I try to create a soothing, peaceful and relaxing environment while I am working.

Unlike, working in an office with lots of distracting, boisterous conversations and interruptions from coworkers and peers. Believe me, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy, when you start using these simple blogging hacks. Additionally, I like to stay organized and productive by keeping a dictionary and thesarus near my workstation. I can quickly look up words that I am confused about while I am composing an article. I also make certain that pens, pencils, erasers, notepads, and other office supplies are near my workstation too.

Use Blogging Tools to Increase Your Productivity

The next thing that I do is, think about the topic that I want to write about and the keywords to use to increase traffic to my blog post. I quickly jot down a title heading and then head over to The tool helps me to understand how to write better headlines that will attract greater attention to my blog. After I am done editing my title headline, I usually add one or more subheadings that relate my article topic. To keep my subheadings the same size, I use the HTML tags <H3></H3> and <Font color=”#000000″”>. I also underline all of my subheadings to make them stand out.

After I have inserted my title headline and subheadings in my article, I head over to Capitalize My Title to make certain that my title and subheadings look correct. Sometimes, I am unsure about which words I need to capitalize and this tool is very useful for anyone that is having difficulty understanding capitalization rules for title headlines and subheadings. Before I start composing my article, I usually do a good amount of research about the topic. I read all types of articles to determine what I should write that is unique, expresses my opinion, including my personal experiences about the topic. Over the years, I’ve learned that any new and unique content that you post online will help your content stand out from other bloggers’ websites.

My article writing template also includes one backlink to an article that I have previously posted on my blog (see the above hyperlink). The link that I refer my audience to points to a topic that relates to the content that they are currently reading. I want my audience to know where they can find additional information about a particular topic that I previously posted on my blog. This little trick helps my audience read more than one of my blog posts and stay on my blog site longer than a few minutes. Also, my title headlines are somewhat long, so I use to shorten my blog pages URL address links. Using this tool saves me a lot of time because I don’t have repeatedly type long URL addresses and insert them into my content.

I am thankful that website’s click management tools, easily integrates with all of the social media sites that I use to promote my blog posts. for my freelance writing business. Whenever, I need a break writing an article, I usually insert the words, “ADD MORE HERE” as a place holder. I can come back to exactly where I left off writing my blog article without feeling confused about what I was composing. When I am finished writing my article, I like to proofread what I have written, include some SEO Keywords and insert my affiliate links and images. Errm, I nearly forgot to tell you that I like using Chrome and Firefox browsers simutaneously. I can quickly flip back and forth between the two browsers and go to any open tabs on the fly.

Learn How to Monetize Your Blog

I put a lot of effort into monetizing my blog site to make money online and this is when the fun part about blogging begins. I insert advertiser’s affiliate links into my blog content. My affiliate advertisements helps to spruce up and decorate my blog pages. I choose advertisements that are attractive, eye-catching, and interesting to look at. I want my audience to know where they can find legitimate brands, products and services that will improve their lives in a beneficial way. Frankly, I enjoy visiting websites with advertisements on them because I often discover new brands, exciting products and services that I never knew existed.

When I see advertisements for free trials and give-a-ways that interests me, I usually click on them to learn more about a product or service. If you’re interested in earning commissions from advertiser’s affiliate links the job is very challenging. Mainly because you really have to work at getting thousands of people visiting your blog nearly everyday. But I think, joining affiliate programs is definitely worth the effort, especially when you start earning commissions while you are sleeping. Moving forward, the last thing that I do is proofread and revise what I have composed before I post my blog article online. This is an ongoing process because after a couple of days, I proofread and update my articles again. I look for typos, grammatical errors that I may have missed, as well as make certain that my backlinks are working properly.

Typically, I promote my blog posts on social media websites like Twitter and Pinterest to attract more traffic to my blog site. Blogging is such a rewarding profession and I love what I do for a living. Anyone that enjoys writing, sharing their knowledge with others, and want to make money online really should seriously think about starting a work at home business. When I decided to start blogging as a side hustle, I didn’t believe that I could earn a living writing articles for the web because I didn’t have any experiennce writing content for the web. However, I stuck with it and today, I don’t regret leaving a 9 to 5 office job behind to pursue my dreams.


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