Tips On Finding a Profitable Niche Topic That Can Help Jump Start Your Freelance Writing Career

Niche Topic Ideas that Really Work to Grow Your Small Business

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If you a have a burning desire to make money as a freelance writer, then you should start thinking about finding a blog niche and monetizing your blog website. Personally, I think professional freelance writers are the luckiest people you could come to know. Mainly, because they appear to be highly intelligent with lucrative careers. Freelancers also seem to live the kind of lifestyle that you always dreamed about.

Creating a blog and writing compelling stories about newsworthy niche topics can jump start your freelance writing career. Fact, the best blog niches to make money will grab your readers attention and also drive an enormous amount of traffic to your blog. However, if you want to profit from creating a blog, here’s a few tips on the best blogging niches to make money that you should write about. When your blog starts to attract thousands of visitors each day, you could introduce your audience to a ton of freebies and promotional offers that will some how enhance their lives. For instance, the golf niche is a 70 billion dollar market and golfers usually spend about 4 million dollars annually to improve their game.

Performing keyword searches relating to golf using Google, Yahoo, and Bing, can help you select top-ranking keywords that you could include in your blog articles. Including, affiliate links to some of the best selling golf-related products offered by Amazon and Clickbank. Which means if your blog readers buy the latest gadgets, books, apps, and systems through your website, they can also help you earn commissions from your affiliate promotions. The entire process of finding the best blogging niches sounds simple to do and very lucrative, but you will have to spend a lot of time and energy, promoting and maintaining your blog website.

But on the other hand, you could jump start your writing career by working as a blogger for a Fortune 500 company. You might have to sacrifice a lot of your freedom and join the masses that commute to a 9-to-5 job every day. Or, you could work remotely for clients from around the world. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about making money online and I enjoy sharing what I have learned with you about profitable niche markets. I recommend that you visit to get some good advice on how to find profitable niche topics for your blog. Stuart Walker is the owner and founder of the website and he is very dedicated to his work. I also subscribe to Stuart’s newsletter to keep up with the latest niche market trends.

Personal Achievements that Helped Me To Jump Start My Writing Career

Before I changed careers, there were days when I could barely pull myself out of bed to go to work. There were days when I felt weary from interacting with my overly competitive, attention starved co-workers that loved to tumble with each other. Besides that, my job responsibilities were repetitive and mundane. I needed a career change, but I didn’t know where to turn. During my downtime at work, I often browsed the Internet for interesting and educational articles to read. Surfing the Internet helped me to get out of my dead-end job. While I was browsing the Internet, I frequently pondered who were the individuals that contributed all of the information that I read. I was hooked on the Internet and I eagerly wanted to be a part of this community of mysterious writers too.

I pusued an education in Computer Science while attending college, so naturally I wanted to learn as much as I could about web development. I taught myself how to create web pages using HTML and CSS programming languages. Then, I started up my own web design business. When I wasn’t creating web pages for clients, I wrote technical articles for content mills like Demand Studios. I also built and monetized my own blogs and self-published several eBooks for beginner bloggers. Yep, I’ve been very busy for the past decade working independently as a freelance writer/blogger and author. But sometimes, I feel as if I am wasting my talents doing the same old tasks that aren’t helping me make the kind of money that I want to earn.

Because I enjoy learning new and exciting things pertaining to the best blogging topics to make money, I decided to expand my knowledge further by learning how to become an affiliate marketer. In the near future, I will be able to share my knowledge with my audience about what I have learned from my personal experiences. Including, what not to do as an affiliate marketer. If you’re seriously interested in jump-starting your career, think about all of your professional skills and how you can use them to start up a home-based freelance writing business. Learn as much as you can about finding a blog niche, profitable niche markets, and what you need to do to grow your blog traffic. Additionally, follow the advice of professional niche bloggers. They can teach you how to stay focused on making money online. Learn what they did to become successful by writing about the best niche topics for blogging.


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