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If you can work 4 hours every day posting articles to your blog, then it’s possible to transform your content into a powerful 24/7 money-making business. First and foremost, you must build a niche blog that will draw readers to your stories.Your writing skills will attract a steady stream of potential clients and curious consumers to your blog daily. I started this blog because I want to share my knowledge with others, as well as explain how I got started as a freelance writer. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from other professional freelancers about their endeavors while working in the industry. Looking back, thinking about my college years, I can’t help wondering what I was doing wrong that kept me from earning a six-figure yearly income.

Sure, after studying Commercial Art, I pursued a degree in Computer Science. However, I haven’t worked for a Fortune 500 business using my programming talents in over twenty years. Believe me, while attending college, I imagined myself becoming a well sought after computer programmer making big bucks. I even relocated to the West Coast because I wanted to rub elbows with Silicon Valley’s geeks. But, I took a low paying office worker position at a health insurance company to help pay for my living expenses until I could find a job as a computer programmer. However, I used a portion of my salary to started up a small website design business as a side hustle.

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I was thrilled to have new business clients, but a few months later, my side hustle came to an abrupt end, after the company I worked for merged with another.

Hundreds of employees were suddenly laid off or either terminated. Besides that, while I was running my website designer side hustle, I received a number calls from people interested in experienced programmers that knew how to build online shopping carts. (Yikes!) While I was attending college, Javascript, Pearl, and CGi programming languages were not being offered to students majoring in Computer Science. Instead, I was required to complete 4 quarters of mainframe Cobol to earn my college degree. If I wanted to continue my web design side hustle, I knew I would have to further my education by learning the above-mentioned programming languages. But, the hard cold fact remained, I had to find another office job fast to help pay for my living expenses.

Sadly, when my savings was nearly depleted, I decided to return back to my hometown to live with my parents. My desire to continue my web design business on the West Coast was gone. I moped around my parents home for weeks, feeling depressed, unmotivated, and confused. Nevertheless, several years later, I mustered up the courage to become my own boss once again. Some how I regained my confidence to work on my own independently. But, my attitude about starting up another home-based business changed. I wanted to pursue a new profession that would allow me to work at home without a lot of stress. I knew a number of people that were gleefully leaving their 9 to 5 jobs to pursue their dreams of running a successful home-based business. I wanted to do the same, but I was no longer living on the West Coast and rubbing elbows with talented computer programmers.

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So, I turned to the Internet for answers that could help me solve my dilemma. Then, one day I stumbled across several advertisements about online writing opportunies. Companies appeared to desperately seeking web content writers to post articles on the Internet about their products and services. I did a lot of research on how to earn a living as a professional freelance writer. I was truly astounded over the amount of money writers were earning writing articles about all kinds of topics for the web. That’s when I decided to roll up my sleeves and pursue a writing career. I created a blog to showcase my writing skills, and several months later, I learned how to monetize my blog to earn residual income. I also read a number of testimonials from bloggers that were receiving a ton of traffic to their blogs.

They were also attracting the eyes of advertisers that were willing to pay them large sums of money to place their advertisements on bloggers websites. Since I love to write, I wanted to build a blog that would help me attract thousands of readers too. My freelance writing side-hustle, soon became a part-time job and today, I am enjoying my independence as an author, freelance writer and blogger. However, it wasn’t easy getting to where I am now because throughtout the years, a number of my blogs were quite unsuccessful. I was doing everything wrong that prevented me from earnings big bucks from blogging. The truth is, I signed up with several affiliate marketing programs, hoping I earn large sums of money overnight in commissions.

The truth is that when you start a blog, you’ll need thousands of daily visitors and there’s no assurance your audience will click on your affiliate links. However, you will earn a commission if someone does click on your advertisers’ affiliate links and buys a product or signs up for a service.

Okay, now I want to share with you how to work only 4 hours per day, and make money the easy way with your blog. So, roll up your sleeves and let’s get started.

Learn as much as you can about content marketing. You can download this 16-page guide from the Content Marketing Institute free. After you have gathered together all of the information that you need, work on developing a content marketing program for your blogging business.

Hint: In instead of randomly placing your advertisers’ products or services affiliate links throughout your blog, aim to provide helpful information that makes your audience more intelligent. The essence of this content strategy is, deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to your visitors. In return, they will ultimately reward you with their business and loyalty. Next, create a daily work schedule and stick to it. Make certain your workspace is clutter-free and you can work for at least 4 hours per day uninterrupted.

Tip: To help keep me focused on my blogging tasks, I normally listen to Isochronic Tones from Good Vibes – Binaural Beats. You can download various types of frequency tones or music from Youtube. The website claims their sessions will help your conscious mind to co-ordinate with your subconscious mind to process your problems many times faster that you usually do.

Now, it’s up to you to figure out how to get as many eyeballs as possible to actually read your marketing content and click on your affiliate links. To start, since you are a newbie at this, I suggest you head over to your personal and/or business email account. Look over all the email messages you receive daily from advertisers promoting their products and services. Then, decide which ones captured your attention right away. Study the type of call-to-action verbage that the advertisers’ used to capture your attention and read their email messages. Then jot down, what you liked about their email messages and what you did not like about them.

Use these advertising marketing concepts to your advantage without spending any money promoting your advertisers’ affiliate links. The next step is very important because you will need to determine where the advertisers’ hyperlinks will take you inside their email messages. For instance, if you decide to click on an advertiser’s hyperlink, you might be taken to their website to read a particular article, a click-funnel landing page inviting you to attend a webinar, online classroom, including purchasing a product or service. Did you read the article, sign up to attend a webinar or online classroom session? Well, if you did, ask yourself why did you respond to the advertiser’s call-to-action advertisment.

I think it’s because you have a problem that you’re interested in solving, right?

Well, this is how content marketing program strategies works and they can help you achieve your goal to make more money with your blog working only 4 hours per day. Stay tuned for Part 2 and I will further explain exactly what you could do to create an easy content marketing strategy to promote your advertiser’s affiliate links.


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