COVID-19: How Freelancers Are Learning Unique and Creative Ways to Keep Their Businesses Running During Lockdown

Working From Home As An Independent Freelancer

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When I decided to write this article, I expected my audience to feel hopeful, enthusiastic, and confident about their home-based businesses. But, due to the stay-in-place order from Florida’s State Governor Ron DeSantis, my small business is financially struggling. Which is undoubtedly causing me quite a bit of stress. Since I am the sole proprietor of my freelance writing business, I perform several tasks that are necessary to maintain my blog. I normally gather together research material, take interesting photographs, and write articles that I post on my website. Working from home as an independent freelancer and sharing my knowledge with others feels like a dream job. However, the COVID-19 lockdown, is affecting potential clients with job opportunities. A large number of well-paying companies that frequently employs freelancers, have decided to put their writing projects on hold.

During late January 2020, all hell seem to break loose after the news media began reporting the scariest stories about an unknown disease called the Coronavirus (COVID-19). People from around the world appeared to be dropping dead in their tracks after contracting the virus. More and more people suddenly stopped what they were doing to attentively listen to world leaders and top medical advisors news reports about the deadly virus. Alarmed individuals demanded to know if this unknown virus was a sick hoax, and how was this deadly disease spreading so rapidly? At first, earlier news reports posted on the Internet about the Coronavirus appeared to be vague. However, several news stories went viral because panic-stricken individuals began to feel terrified, and wanted to know what was happening around them. Including, what people should do to prevent the disease from spreading to them and their families.

Where Did The Coronavirus Come From?

When I began hearing news reports about the Cornonavirus originating from Wuhan China, I don’t know why I didn’t feel perplexed about what was happening in Asia. My eyes glazed over with disbelief, and I continued my daily routine writing and posting articles on my blog website. But, during the months of February and March, I began to feel the people residing in my community were starting to panic. The life-threatening Coronavirus was spreading rapidly throughout the United States, and a growing population of people were becoming infected with the disease. That’s when my inner voice kicked in and I heard myself saying, “But, I’m Not Ready to Die!” Tears of frustration and feelings of hopelessness stung my eyes. I suddenly felt as if a rug was being yanked from underneath me. My independent, creative world seem to be crashing down around me.

Alarming news reports about the Coronavirus were constantly being broadcasted on television, over the radio, posted on the Internet, and released through traditional print media. Due to the overwhelming news reports, I began to feel depressed, then I started to feel angry. But, regardless of my depression, I began doing more research about the Coronavirus. I wanted to know what I could do to prevent catching the disease and how not to pass it along to other people. State government and local authorities had already begun informing Americans about social-distancing, and I eagerly scampered away from small crowds of gathering people. I’ve always been sort of an introvert and social-distancing appeared to work in my favor. Sadly, social morality was declining fast in the United States and our nation’s once robust future was becoming bleak.

Coronavirus Death Toll Rate Rises in the United States

No one seemed to know what to do. Except avoid each other and remain in their homes until the danger of the virus was contained. Ironically, the pandemic threat reminded me of my adolescent years during the ’60s. For a brief period, groups of angry individuals started protesting and rioting in the streets. My parents kept me and my siblings at home and we weren’t permitted to go to school or go outdoors. We were too young to understand what was happening in our neighborhood, or why our parents guarded us so attentively. My dad during his younger days, had proudly enlisted in the United States Army, and fought for this country. On several occasions, during the riots, I recall watching my dad put on his overcoat, and brazenly leave our home to buy groceries for the family.

Recently, while I was traveling on a city bus, I overheard a conversation between two passengers about the Coronavirus. One of the males appeared to be angry, and disgusted while he was speaking to another male passenger. He stated, “I think the government is going to let us all die, and in six weeks everybody is going to be dead.” After I overheard the man’s disturbing statement, I ignored the men’s depressing conversation. Then, I starting thinking about all of the positive things that I have accomplished throughout my life. My inner voice tugged at my aching heart and I heard myself saying, “But, Who”s going to be left to read my books and blog articles?” Selfishly, my work seemed more important to me, than visualizing the Coronavirus death toll rate, which was steadily rising in the United States.

So, during the month of April, I decided to compose an article about the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. I simply imagined that I was a fly on the wall and I began gathering information that I had observed, concerning people’s unhealthy habits, as well as disturbing conversations that I frequently overheard from the locals in my community. Then, I began to notice an increasing number of people wearing medical and handmade facial masks. At first, I didn’t bother wearing a mask because I thought masks looked creepy, unflattering, and people who was wearing them had become infected with the disease. Furthermore, on several occasions, while I was traveling around the city, I felt a strange prickling sensation around my eyes and nose. Not only did the atmosphere outdoors feel eerie, the weird sensations that I felt, made me realize the invisible Cornavirus was a real disease that I had to deal with.


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