Don’t Let Self-Doubt and Overwhelming Feelings of Insecurity, Keep You From Pursuing Your Writing Career Goals

How to Banish Writers Block and Those “I Don’t Know What to Write” Anxious Feelings

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I recently wrote an article about writer’s block and what I did to banish my “I Don’t Know What to Write” anxious feelings. Thankfully, I feel much better and more confident about my writing projects. However, I kept asking myself, “What had caused me to fall into a non-productive slump? I also worried about growing weary again and feeling uninterested in completing my writing projects?”

A writer’s job is a lonely profession, and this is why I want to talk about how you can boost you morale. I’ve learned that reinforcing my mind with positive thoughts helped me to banish my self-doubt and overwhelming feelings of insecurity about my freelance writing business. Years ago, after I decided to change my career to become a freelance web content writer, I did not receive a lot of support from my friends and family.

During that time, the unemployment rate in my hometown was much higher than normal. Nearly everyday the news media talked endlessly about a slew of Fortune 500 companies that were laying off and firing employees by the truckloads. (OMG!) Unfortunately, America’s economy was in bad shape, while I was searching for employment. I recall speaking to a number of people about finding employment, but sadly, the people that I spoke with appeared to be frightened and worried that they would become an unemployed statistic too. When I was beating the pavement looking for work, I felt as if “a little dark cloud was walking around with me.

I tried to remain hopeful, but there were times when I felt desperate and insecure about my financial future. So, I applied for unemployment compensation to help ease my pain. Then one day, while I was browsing the Internet, I discovered that I could work from home writing web content articles. Most importantly, I discovered an exciting career that has opened doors for me, during a difficult period in my life. No more office politics, nepotism and being overlooked by my peers. I happily pursued a writing career because I wanted a job that I could do from the comfort of my home. I think my determination to become a freelance writer helped me to improve my writing skills and learn new skills that has helped me to feel more confident about my financial future.

Today, I am proud to say that I am able to do several prestigious and creative blogging tasks that I most likely would not have had the opportunity to perform working for XYZ company. I had to teach myself how to stay upbeat and motivated while I searched for clients that wanted me to write for them. One day it occurred to me, I needed a mentor or somebody that I could depend on to praise me for all my hard work. The idea seemed great, but I couldn’t afford to hire someone to help me stay motivated about my writing goals. So, I found an inexpensive way to keep myself from feeling insecure while I was attempting to acquire clients that would hire me to write articles for them.

For starters, I began using the Calendar app on my smartphone and tablet to help me get rid of any negative feelings that was having about my writing career. My daily routine involves fueling my mind with positive and encouraging words. Unfortunately, self-doubt and overwhelming feelings of insecurity were literally preventing me from becoming a better writer. Positive and inspiring messages have kept me from feeling depressed and insecure about my writing career. I realize, there have been times when something unexpected occurred that prevented me from staying focused on my writing assignments.

So, I created several inspirational messages that I would like to hear someone say to me. While I am working, my Calendar sends me timely alert messages that I set up to help me build up my self confidence. My daily inspirational messages are positive, upbeat, and refreshing to read. Working from home is a privilege, however, I have discovered that distractions and interruptions preventing me from staying on track. Too many distractions and interruptions were hurting my career goals and affecting my ability to stay focused on my work. Sadly, my attitude about my writing career was being guided in a negative and unfulfiling direction.

Too often, I had to stop what I was doing to attend to whatever required my attention at the moment. Nevertheless, I realized that I had to find a solution to my problem and limit the distractions that were preventing me from concentrating on my writing assignments. So, I began listening to various types of Isochronic Tones that claims to increase your positive energy and help improve your concentration. I usually head over to to select a variety of isochronic tones that I can listen to while I am working. It’s easy to dowload the any of the tones on your computer and listen to them whenever you need to boost your mental energy.

The good news is, I feel much better now. My health is improving and I feel better about my well-being. Nowadays, I think my writing material is much more interesting, because I have a lot more energy to work long hours. I also feel more confident about writing articles for my blog and making a living as a freelance writer.


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