Just For Laughs

Did You Know Humor Sells?

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Adding humor to your dull boring blog posts can help you attract more visitors to your website. For starters, try making fun of yourself to find out how many people like your wise cracks and witty humor. This section of my blog is dedicated to all the freelancers, bloggers, and writers out there, who need a break from keeping up with their busy lifestyles.

I sincerely believe laughter is the best medicine. When I’m feeling a bit drab and need a quick pick me up, I look for something funny to read. Or, I will watch a comedy movie if time permits. With that said, periodically, I will update this page with more humorous jokes for bloggers. So, don’t hesitate to visit this page often when you need a good laugh.

***** Jokes For Bloggers *****

*Before I began blogging, I was somewhat of a dedicated copy editor. Unfortunately, when I saw typos I became [sic].

*Sometimes I run out of blogging ideas. That’s when I go to the fabric store and find new material.

*Sometimes I drive through the hood, blasting an audio book.

*I once got a job blogging for this French recipe site. I had to quit, because it gave me the crepes.

*As a blogger, I constantly feel cold, probably because I’m surrounded by so many drafts.

*Is there a blogger whose creative life hasn’t been punctuated with slow writing periods?