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Occasionally, I like to write amusing short fictional stories that I think will captivate my audience attention. Several months ago, I posted an article on my blog titled, OMG – Molly What Have You Done! The story is about learning how to write attention grabbing headline titles that will increase traffic to your website. While I was composing the article, I got this idea rolling around in my head, that I should include a humorous character in my story.

The article received an enormous amount of traffic and I will be forever grateful to my audience because they were genuinely amused by the fictional character that I created name Molly. If you’re interested in learning how to write children’s books, here’s a freebie that I think you will like. The book is filled with a over 200-pages of insightful information about publishing children’s books. You can download Children’s Publishing Guide book free for a limited time only. With that said, I decided to create a fictional short story called, “Welcome to Molly’s World.” The story is the continuing saga of an eight-year-old girl that struggles to solve difficult problems on her own. Molly’s world is filled with hilarious surprises, foolish pranks, and bizzare accidents that she often encounters.

Welcome to Molly’s World

Bizarre things start to happen when Molly attempts to help her mother with the daily chores. Molly has to find a solution to her predicament, before her mother becomes aware that she had an unfortunate accident.

Written by Arleena Thorne
Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved

Molly is an adorable eight-year-old child and a real hoot, if you ask me. I think Molly is hilarious because her perception about solving problems is certainly a lot different than what adults are use to doing every day. Molly’s imaginary world and shocking behavior often surprises her mother. And, there are times when she feels as if she’s at her wits’ end worrying about Molly.

In spite of this, Molly is always eager to help her momma with the daily chores. Molly never seems to feel tired because she loves to bake cookies, wash dishes, sweep floors, and do laundry with her momma. But, bizarre things start to happen to Molly, and she’s determined to find a solution that will remedy her unfortunate mishaps. However, things start to go from bad to worse…

Just before dawn, several birds chirped loudly outside of Molly’s bedroom window. Molly eyes suddenly flew open and she woke up feeling very excited on this particular Saturday morning, Molly had planned to do something very special to celebrate her momma’s birthday. Molly quickly got dressed. Then she peeked inside her mother’s bedroom to see if her mom was still asleep.

Molly quietly crept downstairs and into the family kitchen to begin preparing a surprise breakfast for her mother.



Oh No! – Did Santa Claus and His Reindeer Really Slam Into Grandpa’s New Car On Christmas Eve?

Just in time for the holidays. Grandpa Smythe is furious with Santa Claus after he discovers, his brand new car was severely damaged on Christmas Eve.

Written by Arleena Thorne
Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved

Everyone in the small town of Haverton was talking about it, but no one could quite believe what they were hearing. Mrs. Talk-a-Roo told Mrs. Locke, and she couldn’t wait to telephone Mrs. Flancy and tell her what Mrs. Talk-a-Roo told her. The entire town was whispering to each other about what had happened to Grandpa’s new car. Everyone except Mr. Grummer, and he don’t talk to nobody after his dog, Pepper ran off into the woods. The news that Pepper was missing was the talk of the town, until everyone heard the news about Grandpa’s new car.

When Grandpa discovered that his brand new car had several unsightly dents and hoof prints all over it, he loudly yelled “Darn Drunk Drivers!” Grandpa stomped around his car for several minutes angrily shouting, “So help me, I’m going to find out who did this!” Then Grandpa pulled out his cell phone, and dialed Sheriff Lawmen’s office.

While Grandpa was angrily stomping around his car and angrily shouting, Mrs. Talk-a-Roo was siting in her living room quietly knitting a sweater. Feeling somewhat curious, Mrs. Talk-a-Roo put down her knitting needles, and walked over to her living room window. She anxiously watched Grandpa while he stomped round his car and shouting to himself. A few moments later, Mrs. Talk-a-Roo picked up her telephone receiver and began dialing Mrs. Locke’s telephone number.

Mrs. Locke: “Hello, who’s calling, please?

Mrs. Talk-a-Roo: “Erm, Betty this is Clara. Grandpa is flipping out over here. Something strange has happened to his brand new car.

Mrs. Locke: Huh, what’s that you’re saying, Clara? I don’t understand why you’re calling me about Grandpa. What did you do to the man?

Mrs. Talk-a-Roo: Whaaat? Oh for goodness sake Betty, clean the wax outta your ears. Grandpa is upset. He’s outside stomping around his new car and talking to himself.

Mrs. Locke: Oh my. Do you think the man is going senile? I’ll be right over. I wanna find out what’s wrong with Grandpa. Clara, put your tea kettle on the stove. I’m in the mood for a cup of Chamomile tea. Got any?

Before Mrs. Talk-a-Roo could respond to Mrs. Locke’s request, she heard a loud click coming from her telephone receiver. Mrs. Locke had hung up and disconnected the phone call.



Thrifty Finds Love In a Strange Place

Ramona Sheperd loves to shop. She started up a personal shopper business to help Faye’s Fabulous Boutique customers with their unsual requests. One day a new client asked Ramona to help her find a rare book. Ramona took on the unsual assignment, but little did she know, her love life was about to change in a strange place.

Written by Arleena Thorne
Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved

My name is Pamela Janik-Owens and I have an exciting love story to tell you about my best friend. Nearly two years ago, Ramona Sheperd started side-hustling to help her family and friends save money on their everyday purchases. We teasingly nicknamed Ramona, “Thrifty” because she’s really good at finding hidden bargains, BOGO discounts, and early-bird specials. Ramona loves to save money and her personal shopper business appears to be doing very well. Ramona is considering working less hours at Faye”s Fabulous Boutique, so she can devote more time to her clients.

I met Ramona while we were attending high school. Over the past few years, we’ve become inseparable. Many of our friends jokingly tell us, “You both act as if you’re joined at the hip.” Haha! For the record, I want you to know that last year, I divorced my college sweetheart, Rick Owens. I was furious and heart-broken when I found out Rick was cheating on me. Then, I started shopping non-stop. I bought things that I didn’t need or want to help ease the stabbing pain inside my aching heart.

I was four weeks pregnant, when I found out Rick had cheated on me. So, I immediately filed for a divorce. Sadly, due to my emotional state of mind, several weeks later I had a miscarriage. After Rick found out about our unborn child, he appeared to be distraught and devastated. Rick occasionally talked about the two of us having children. But, we were too busy with our careers to plan a family together. During the divorce proceedings, Rick didn’t contest the divorce, and he gave me anything that I wanted.

The $10,000 alimony check that I receive from Rick every month, just doesn’t seem to ease my torment. Sometimes when I’m alone, I can’t seem to stop crying over the lost of my unborn child. However, recently, I’ve been feeling much better. My dear friend, Ramona is helping me to forget about my ex-husband. We’re cheerfully moving on to a bigger, better, and happier lifestyle.



Nicholas Finds His Dream Lover

Written by Arleena Thorne
Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserve

Occasionally, true love happens between two people during the worst of times. Rose believed true love could happen between two people, but lately, she felt like throwing in the towel and giving up on men for good. Rose couldn’t seem to find Mr. Right, because Mr. Wrong kept knocking on her door. It didn’t matter to him if he only called her just before dawn. Mr. Wrong only cared about getting into Rose’s warm, cozy apartment to get a good night’s sleep.

Mr. Wrong loved partying with his rowdy pals, because they appeared to have a lot of fun together. However, partying every weekend just before dawn was exhausting. So, Mr. Wrong used Rose like a door mat. She was a nice girl, but not really his type. Rose was a hopeless romantic and Mr. Wrong knew this about her. He kept Rose dangling on a string until she finally broke down, and no longer invited Mr. Wrong into her warm, cozy apartment just before dawn.

On the other hand, Nicholas is an old-fashined guy looking for his dream lover. For the past six months Nicholas has been on a quest to find the woman of his dreams. Nicholas couldn’t help feeling like a hopeless romantic, because he always wanted what his parents had between them – unconditional love. Night after night Nicholas yearned to meet a woman that he could call his own. A woman who would truly love him, and not his exceedingly growing wealth. Nicholas also enjoyed writing romantic poetry, but some of his friends thought he was a bit weird. However, Nicholas didn’t seem to care what his friends thought about him, because his father taught him how to write romantic poetry and share it with a special woman that he loved.

One day, Nicholas met Rose on a photo-sharing website that people enjoyed uploading pictures about themselves and chatting online. After several weeks of chat sessions with Rose, Nicholas decided to write her a poem. Rose immediately fell in love with Nicholas, and he fell madly in love with her too…

Letter to My Pretty Rose,

Something was absent from my lonely life. I truly don’t have the foggiest idea what it was. In any case, you suddenly appeared, and I began to feel complete. Yes, my love this so very true. Rose, I am only for you. I adore you so much. My days are filled with yearning for your touch. Your essence in my life gives me a greater high.

I don’t have the foggiest idea how this occurred, when and why? Yet, my feeling for you is felt from my aching heart. Now that we are finally together, we will never at any point part ways from each other. I sincerely, thank you with all my heart for coming into my life. Without you, my lover and best friend, I find it really difficult to strive. I love you so much, my pretty Rose.

Nicholas + Rose = ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️