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I enjoy posting photographs of “Random Things That I Love” on Instagram to help my audience become familiar with who I am and what I do. I think Instagram is an exceptional social media network for people like me. Today, millions of individuals and businesses use the photo-sharing platform to directly make money selling their products and services. Including, earning commissions from advertisers and sponsors affiliate links. Just about anyone can use Instagram to direct traffic to their personal blogs and websites.Including, building brand awareness, and acquire revenue for their businesses.

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For example, I created the ElegantCoachStyles Instagram page to help me earn residual income daily. I use my advertiser’s affiliate link in my profile bio. Also, after you create a business account on Instagram, the service will allow you to promote your individual posts for a small fee. For $6 an individual post will receive exposure to approximately 540 to 1,400 Instagram users for 6 full-days. Additionally, I use Linktree to optimize my Instagram traffic, social media accounts, and blog website. Click on the “Follow Me On Linktree” hyperlink near the top of this page. You will discover how I am driving traffic to my content. I am using one-custom-link pointing to multiple-links that I enjoy sharing with my audience.

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